10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For 8-Year-Old Kids

The release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, in fact, actually arrived as a pretty popular device among gamers of all ages. To many, it was now a fan favourite for both kids and adults because of the high quality of graphics that the portable gadget would offer.

An 8-year-old will be most appealed to by games involving an adaptive character, fast play, and an open world available for exploration and discovery. An 8-year-old would be at an age level where gaming identity builds by himself, and hence, preferences differ among themselves by a great extent.

Some lean towards solving puzzles, others into the creative world-building experiences, and some find their likes in action-packed adventures. That is the kind of varying group we have tried to cater to with this list—Best 10 Nintendo Switch Games for 8-Year-Olds.

What better way to serve this than the games? A humongous library of eye-candy, cute, and fun games in sync with the above interests is what the Nintendo Switch brings to the table. Explore action-packed adventures or mind-bending puzzlers or enjoy creating an imaginative building experience—Switch has your kids covered.

With the Nintendo Switch system, there is something for every member of the household.

1. Cars 3: Driven to Win

The game will feature the Carjsonly characters and situations, inspired by the endearing Disney-Pixar brand, developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The game boasts great gameplay, outstanding graphics, and an electrifying storyline, all in a bundle meant to be played with friends in its cooperative multiplayer, which increases the fun either by competition against each other or teaming up online.

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2. Super Mario Odyssey

“Super Mario Odyssey” is a magnificent game that will allow even casual players to get as much enjoyment from the series as it offers lifelong, die-hard fans aged from 8 to 80. Set in the virtual world, in this 3D adventure, Mario has to set out on a mission of rescuing Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser.

Players pass over great, huge, and diversified lands, living the best fantastic open-world gameplay experience. Fun for the whole family—even those new to Mario and its classics.

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3. LEGO® The Incredibles

“LEGO® The Incredibles” is a video game made of LEGO bricks based on the Disney Pixar animated feature “The Incredibles”. The game was developed by TT Fusion and published by Warner Bros.

The game represents the whole story of “The Incredibles,” with several exceptions of the plot twists toward the player. Experience the “Incredibles” in diversified roles of the Parr family members with their specified abilities, exciting tasks, and obstacles prepared exactly from the movies.

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4. Lego DC Super Villains

“Lego DC Super Villains” flips the script on the classic superhero tale, enabling a gamer to play as some of the most well-known supervillains in the DC comic book. The product has fairly interesting and addictive gameplay that is combined with a funny plot and a lot of various characters.

It involves players in a evil and action-packed journey where they become part of The Rookie villain, who becomes part of the DC villains in defeating the schemes of the Justice Syndicate.

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5. Scribblenauts Showdown

One of the kind and creative party games, “Scribblenauts Showdown” is full of short, quick diversions. Players can take part in races, hunt for treasures, or take other players out—either way, with a huge amount of logical thinking and reflexes at the same time.

The game has a “Sandbox” mode that encourages players to its great catalog of in-game objects and characters to showcase their creative ability.

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6. Kirby: Star Allies

A cherished game to the series, “Kirby: Star Allies,” it is adorable and cute by nature, where players explore through adventure while enjoying its lovably scenic visuals. Inclusive of simple-to-understand gameplay mechanics, cooperative multiplayer, and characters that you can’t just help but adore, it assures all age groups have a palatable experience.

Join Kirby on a puzzle-filled adventure to protect Dream Land from an enigmatic new danger and gather hidden treasures.

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7. The Lego Ninjago Movie: Video Game

Buildable from the exciting film “The LEGO Ninjago Movie,” the video game is an action-packed gaming experience. Game involves elements of platforming, action-adventure, and puzzle-solving to aim at protection from the evils of Lord Garmadon and his shark army.

It offers open-world exploration and various difficulty levels of puzzles.

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8. LEGO City Undercover

“LEGO CITY Undercover” is designed for the first-ever play experience for both kids and adults alike. On Chase McCain’s hunt for the villain Rex Fury, players follow the hero through a plot filled with twists borrowed from a light-hearted crime thriller.

With subtle pop culture references and a vast open world, it’s a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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9. The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame

“The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame” presents players with a brand new experience of the coolest, most creative universe of “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.” In the game, players will journey into LEGO branded worlds, uncover secrets, and experience new adventures, building structures and objects while solving puzzles and dodging foes through completing various game missions.

Essentially, it is an action-adventure kind of game with puzzle-solving and platform elements.

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10. Sonic Forces

“Sonic Forces” is a family game introducing charismatic character “Sonic the Hedgehog.” It also features the series related to 3D platforming adventure, with an engaging story that puts us in the shoes of Sonic, who has to confront the diabolical Dr. Eggman and the threatening Infinite as the main antagonist.

Combining classic side-scrolling platforming sections with modern 3D levels. Players can control Sonic or create their own custom character with unique abilities.

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The best Nintendo Switch games for 8-year-olds are, in no way, limited to the list above. This has more than enough to get your child started with some really great options. Do remember, every child is different, and his gaming decisions may differ.

When you select games for your child, involve the child in the process, bearing in mind his interests. Chosen Nintendo Switch games should be of moderation and age-appropriate to your child.

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