6 Best PlayStation 4 Emulators for PC

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is a gaming juggernaut with top technology and over 80 million fans across the world, but it is not that everyone is a price taker for such an expensive console.

Luckily, the world of emulation had it covered. Gamers can now run their PS4 titles on their PCs without the need to spend a fortune. But first, we will dive into the pool of PS4 emulation and review the best 6 PS4 emulators for PC/Windows.

1. PCSX4

PCSX4 is one of the known PS4 emulators that allow a person to play PS4 games on personal computers. If you happen to use this open-source emulator, most likely, you will find power that any gamer needs to have installed on his favourite PS4 title on their computer display.

Nevertheless, what is very appealing is that PCSX4 requires some beefy PC setups to run properly. To work at its maximum, at least Windows or Mac OS should be running in 64 bits, along with a four-core processor, and a GPU that supports AXV and SSE-4.2.

Official Website: PCSX4

2. PS4Emus

Emulation of PS4 games on PC takes the crown of PS4Emus. From its inception in 2013, updates and optimization are carried out from time to time. With that in mind, it comes with good reviews and is rated the best PS4 emulator for your PC.

This is dissimilar in that PS4Emus supports Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS desktop, including mobile platforms. Above all, PS4Emus offers an online service whereby any person is able to download and run easily without so much effort their best PlayStation games.

Official Website: PS4Emus

3. PS4 SNESStation SNES Emulator

For those nostalgic for classic PlayStation games, the PS4 SNESStation SNES Emulator is a popular choice. Originally designed to play PS4 titles compatible with PS1 and PS2 consoles, this emulator supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

While it comes with pre-installed ROMs, you can play your own ROMs by quickly transferring them via a USB drive. However, it’s important to note that using this emulator on your PS4 requires jailbreaking your console.

Official Website: PS4 SNESStation SNES Emulator


PS4EMX is another promising PS4 emulator for PC, created by Ghaststeam in 2014. Although it’s not currently available, the developers are actively working on it, with the anticipation of releasing a complete package in the near future.

This emulator has been compatible with the latest Windows versions since its initial release, making it a contender in the PS4 emulation scene.

Official Website: PS4EMX

5. Orbital PS4 Emulator

The Orbital PS4 emulator, crafted by renowned developer Alexander, is gaining popularity worldwide. This emulator is compatible with both Linux and Windows systems. What sets Orbital apart is its approach—it virtualizes the PS4 console system at a fundamental level, requiring powerful computers with at least 16 GB of RAM and an x86-64 processor with AVX extensions to mimic the PS4.

Keep in mind that this emulator is still in development and cannot be used to emulate paid PS4 titles.

Official GitHub Repository: Orbital PS4 Emulator

6. RPCSX Emulator

RPCSX is another emulator that’s worth mentioning. Probably not the most popular, but it’s a pretty decent PS4 emulator for PC/Windows. RPCSX is a PS4 emulator that, according to history, allows the recreation of PS4 games on your monitor screen.

In fact, just like with all PS4 emulators, you will need a really powerful PC, without which things might not go smoothly.

Official GitHub Repository: RPCSX Emulator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are PS4 emulators legal?

Mostly, using PS4 emulators will be within the legal boundary. Downloading or sharing BIOS files from the internet, especially ROM files that are copyrighted, will be considered illegal.

Are there PS4 emulators for Android?

Yes, definitely there are PS4 emulators for an Android gadget; however, some of them can be got on the net for free, whereas some do require one to part with some money.

Trying PS4 emulation on your PC is something that’s really hard to do, along with the advanced technology and architecture of the console. Still, these sets of emulators surely put forward some hope to the gamers in order for them to have an alternate gaming experience. Not to forget, most people are using emulators, and therefore, it’s generally legal and accepted, considering the fact that downloading copyrighted ROMs or BIOS files from the web is an offense.

The world of PS4 emulation is ever-evolving, and gamers have a lot of options, each with a fair share of pros and cons. So, whether it’s PCSX4, PS4Emus, PS4 SNESStation SNES Emulator, PS4EMX, Orbital PS4 Emulator, RPCSX Emulator, or any other kind of PlayStation 4 Emulator that gets your attention, always make sure you remain right within the copyright lane even as you reap big fun with your gaming adventures.

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