Emulator BIOS: Download BIOS of all Game Consoles

Welcome to the BIOS section, your ultimate source for a diverse array of BIOS files catering to various emulators. Whether you’re seeking the PSX BIOS (SCPH1001.bin), PS2 BIOS (SCPH10000.bin, SCPH3004R.bin, SCPH39001.bin), Sega Genesis/Mega Drive BIOS (md.bios, sega.bios), or numerous others like Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) BIOS (disksys.rom), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) BIOS (snes.sfc), Nintendo 64 BIOS (n64.v64), and Game Boy Advance BIOS (gba_bios.bin), your quest for authentic emulation is about to be fulfilled.

Understanding BIOS: The Backbone of Emulation

What is BIOS? BIOS, or “Basic Input/Output System,” is a pivotal component residing within a computer’s motherboard firmware. Serving as the intermediary between the hardware of the system and the operating system (OS), BIOS is responsible for hardware initialization, OS loading, and system initiation.

It’s the essence that kickstarts your console/system and establishes the vital link between hardware and software. This essential code is usually loaded into memory upon system startup and stored on a flash memory chip embedded on the motherboard.

List of all BIOS files of all Gaming Consoles

Delve into our vast BIOS repository, housing a wide spectrum of BIOS files designed to elevate your emulation experience. We’ve meticulously curated BIOS files for various emulators, offering options like:

File Name:File Size:↓ Download Links ↓
3DO BIOS566KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Amiga BIOS1.7MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Atari BIOS Collection231KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Atari 5200 BIOS1KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Atari 7800 BIOS12KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Atari Jaguar – Boot CD BIOS134KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Atari Jaguar BIOS134KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Atari Jaguar Console BIOS134KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Atari Lynx BIOS1KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Atari TOS 206-US BIOS127KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
BS Satellaview BS-X1.7MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
CD-I (Philips) BIOS1.1MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Colecovision BIOS17KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Dreamcast BIOS (All Regions)2.9MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Famicom Disk System BIOS (FDS BIOS)6KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Gamars (Copier BIOS)736KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Gameboy (GB-GBC-GBA BIOS) BIOS20KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
GBA BIOS (Debug)13KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
GBA BIOS20KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
GBC BIOS20KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Intellivision BIOS Set21KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Mac Quadra BIOS492KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
MAME 0.133 (Complete BIOS Pack)25.6MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
MESS BIOS (Complete BIOS Pack)34.8MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Microsoft Xbox BIOS (Complete BIOS Pack)1.9MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire  
Neo Geo BIOS58KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
NES To SNES Adapter BIOS30KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Nintendo Disk System Boot Sector18KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Nintendo DS BIOS and Firmware270KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Nintendo Gamecube (GCN) BIOS3.3MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PC Engine – PCE CD – TurboGrafx-CD BIOS142KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PCE CD BIOS279KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PCE System Card 1139KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PCE System Card 2144KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PCE System Card 3144KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PS2 BIOS Complete (All Regions)81MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PS2 BIOS2.1MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PS2 NTSC V7 (SCPH 39001) BIOS2.4MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PSX BIOS 41a BIOS279KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PSX BIOS Pack (15 Images)3.7MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PSX BIOS SCPH1001235KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
PSX PSOne BIOS0.98MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Satellaview (BS-X) BIOS1.7MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Scph1000 BIOS244KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Scph7502 BIOS277KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega 32X BIOS2KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega 101 bin442KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega CD BIOS1MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega Genesis – Mega Drive BIOS1KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega Master System – Game Gear BIOS399KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega Mega-CD BIOS (Japan)972KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega Saturn Action Replay ROM39KBGoogle Drive/g
Sega Saturn BIOS (All Regions)1.8MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega Saturn BIOS (EUR)531KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega Saturn BIOS v1.00 (JAP)531KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega Saturn BIOS v1.01 (JAP)525KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega-CD BIOS (Europe)265KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
Sega-CD BIOS (USA)265KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
SNES BIOS210KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
ST-V BIOS495KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
XBand Modem475KBGoogle Drive/MediaFire
XBox BIOS (Xbox.bin)1MBGoogle Drive/MediaFire

Accessing BIOS Files: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Begin by opening your web browser on your PC or smartphone.
  2. Visit the BIOS Page by using this link: https://suyuemulator.com/bios.
  3. Select the BIOS you require for your specific emulator.
  4. Click on the preferred Google Drive or MediaFire download link.
  5. Opt for the “Generate Link” option.
  6. Click on the “Download” button to initiate the file download.
  7. Upon downloading, open the BIOS archive file by selecting the “Show in folder” option.
  8. Employ any archive file extractor tool to extract the BIOS files.
  9. Open the extracted folder to unveil your BIOS files in formats like .rom, .bin, .img, .smc, etc.

Important Notice Regarding Ethical Usage

Please be informed that all BIOS files provided on this platform are for educational and illustrative purposes only. The files available here have been gathered from various sources on the internet and are believed to be in the “public domain.” Our intention is to facilitate ethical usage and foster a respectful emulation community.

Engage in authentic emulation while honouring the principles of ethical usage. The BIOS files offered here are intended to contribute to the educational exploration of gaming history. If you come across any concerns related to copyright or legality, kindly reach out to us through our provided contact information.

Unlock the realms of retro gaming with OldROMs’ BIOS files, designed to transport you to the golden era of gaming while promoting responsible emulation practices.

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