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As Nintendo Switch is more and more accepted by the game playing community, the fans have also opened the doors to even more ways of experiencing playing games. The well-known emulator for its extraordinary abilities in bringing Nintendo Switch games to PC, Yuzu, has now opened doors towards the most exciting realm of customization through mods.

Today, in this blog, we take a keen look into the world of Yuzu Switch Mods, concentrating in an exclusive manner on the “60FPS” mod developed by none other than the brilliant Kirby567fan, helping you in downloading and applying these to upscale your gaming experience.

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How to Use Switch Mods on Yuzu Emulator

Before we dive into the specifics of the “60 FPSmod for Good Job!, let’s walk through the general process of applying mods on the Yuzu emulator:

1. If you haven’t already done that, download and install the emulator Yuzu for your PC from the official website. This step requires a copy of the game that you obtained legally and that you want to mod.

2. Locate and download the desired mods for your game. In this case, we’ll be focusing on the “60 FPS” mod for Good Job!.

3. Confirm that the mod you’re downloading is compatible with the version of the game you own. Mods may be specific to certain game versions, so it’s crucial to match them appropriately.

4. Mods often come in compressed files. Extract the contents of the mod file to a location you can easily access.

5. Open the directory where Yuzu is installed on your PC. This is typically where the emulator executable is located.

6. Within the Yuzu directory, look for a folder named “mods” or a similar designation. If it doesn’t exist, create one.

7. Move the extracted mod files into the “mods” folder. Ensure that the mod files are in the correct format and structure as specified by the mod creator.

8. Start the Yuzu emulator and load the game you’ve modded. The mods should take effect, enhancing your gaming experience.

List of Good Job! Yuzu Nintendo Switch Mods

Now that we’ve covered the general process, let’s focus on a specific mod for Good Job! – the “60 FPS” mod by Kirby567fan.

1. 60 FPS Mod for Good Job!

The “60 FPS” Good Job! mod is such a game-changer that one cannot overlook if a much smoother and immersive experience in gameplay is aimed for. Talented modder Kirby567fan has made this mod, bringing full 60 frames-per-second (FPS) gameplay, double the original frame rate from the game.

“Good Job!” is a delightful game where players complete puzzles and are the worker who navigates through increasingly complicated office areas, completing odd-jobs and objectives in a zany, chaos-filled environment. The standard frame rate is alright for gaming, but the “60 FPS” mod is entirely another story in its level of smoothness and spontaneity.

Everything from moving objects to completing a mission is significantly smoother with the mod installed. The improved framerate will make things look a lot better, allowing for more control over just about anything one might do in the game world. All of this aims to make the gaming experience much more interactive and fun, especially during quick and complex moments of play.

Compatible Game Version: 1.0.0

Credits: Kirby567fan

How to Use the Mod

1. Download the “60 FPS” mod from a reputable source.

2. Confirm that your Good Job! game version is 1.0.0.

3. Extract the mod files to a location you can easily access.

4. Navigate to the Yuzu directory and access the “mods” folder (create one if necessary).

5. Place the mod files in the “mods” folder.

6. Launch the Yuzu emulator and load Good Job! The game should now run at a smooth 60 FPS.

Embrace the enhanced performance and visual fidelity brought to you by the “60 FPS” mod for Good Job!, courtesy of the talented modder Kirby567fan. Elevate your gaming experience on the Yuzu emulator and enjoy the delightful chaos of Good Job! at its best.

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